Why Do Outdoor Spaces Need Awnings?

Awnings can completely transform an outdoor space and, here at iStyle Shutters, we pride ourselves on being the experts of blinds and shutter systems for Sydney homes. Outdoor Awnings are a great external blind system that suits most gardens, pergolas, patios, balconies or even external windows. There are so many benefits to installing outdoor awnings into your alfresco area besides aesthetics, such as the protection of furniture, carpets and flooring from sun damage, as well as temperature regulation for you when you are enjoying your outdoor area.

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Transform Your Outdoor Space

Summer is fast approaching Sydney and, whilst we may be restricted in making full use of the sunshine in beer gardens and cafes, we can certainly enjoy the sun in our own gardens. Having an outdoor awning installed in your property will completely transform your space and make the property as a whole seem larger. It will also draw the attention of potential buyers, guests and friends to the outdoor space. If you are looking to increase your property’s price tag, the prospect of relaxing outside on the patio or cooling off under the awning is very enticing for those looking for their next property.

Protection from UV Damage

The advantage of an external blind awning is that it keeps the sun off window glass, and this is far more effective at reducing heat than an internal blind. Did you know that exterior blinds and awnings can reduce entry of solar energy by up to 80%? Whether it’s outdoor patio furniture or indoor carpeting, an awning can provide this protection and actually increase the longevity of your furniture!

Keeps Harsh Weather at Bay

As well as protecting you, your indoor space and your outdoor furniture from potential UV damage, outdoor and indoor awnings can also keep other harsh weather at bay. They can keep the sun glare out of the eyes and protect your space from wind and rain, which all Sydney homeowners will appreciate, with the constant changing weather. For those with young children, the shade provided by the awning is perfect for giving the little ones some respite from the sun, whilst still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. Awnings provide a range of benefits to a home and all those within it, ranging from the practical to the aesthetic, to the financial as well.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

With an outdoor awning, you are no longer limited to only using your outdoor space when you are in the shade or when the weather is beautiful, because you’re protected all year round! Make the most of your patio, save money on air-conditioning and get the most out of your outdoor furniture settings by protecting them from the sun, wind and rain with trusty outdoor awnings. Call iStyle Shutters today and we can help you to transform your outdoor space and finally make the most of it.

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