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iStyle Shutters repairs shutters on a case-by-case basis, an inspection and quote can be organised

We don’t sell curtains right now, but we do sell fly screens and security doors with specialised security screen mesh

You don’t, we do that for you! We send our installers to measure the windows for you to make sure they are accurate. Big mistakes can be made and we prefer to help our clients get it right the first time, no charge.

Yennora is where our showroom is, but we send our consultants out fully equipped with samples, fabric, and product information to bring the showroom to them.

The first thing is to get in touch with us! Once the consultant has spoken with the client and the installers have measured the windows, we will have a planning discussion with our customer to decide what is needed. Once the selection has been made then we will provide a quote, and if they go ahead with it we will get the blinds made and schedule an install date.

We send our consultants to meet with customers for planning and decision making between 11am-7pm – when it’s most convenient for our busy customers who work normal hours or have kids to take to school. Instalments are different – times are can start from 7-8am until they are finished, possibly running longer for exceptionally big jobs.

This depends on the product- most are made in Australia. Plantation shutters come from overseas which can take longer than nationally made products.

Shutters are better for privacy because all gaps can be sealed, blinds can also give you great privacy but they will need a very small gap, though this depends on the home – not all homes are set up to have external options. External roller shutters are the best for privacy, or internal plantation shutters if clients can’t have external ones.

At iStyle we don’t believe there is any such thing – we recommend the right shutters and blinds for each window within your home to maximise design and functionality. Quality and custom fitting is our top priority, and so we can’t recommend a blanket solution to a unique problem.

Everything is varies in price and blinds and shutters are a custom made product, but our team is always happy to discuss initial quotes to find the right fit for you
The whole process can take between 6-8 weeks, but it varies depending on the type of blind and home it is being installed in. We always communicate closely with every client about this.
We offer a free measure and quote for all our clients

While we recommend roller shutters for this, they don’t eliminate noise entirely – they will only reduce or muffle noise albeit significantly.

Day-night blinds allow one-way vision and privacy.

We outperform a number of big-name brands through using higher quality products that reduce the need to repair or replace products. Every product has different warranty policies depending on their material, life span and quality level. We can provide specific information on models on request to our customers.

Not usually, no. Shutters are not translucent, but poor fits might leave gaps that reduce your privacy. iStyle installers are fantastic at their jobs and take all privacy concerns into account when choosing and installing the right blinds for a customer

Shutters do a great job of keeping the heat out – some even offer up to a 90% heat reduction, and blinds can also help to lesser degree – it depends on the needs and budget of our customers.

Yes – our products have no toxic materials and we have put great effort into manufacturing blinds and shutters that are built to last and are safe for every environment – even when subjected to frequent heat.

The increase in functionality, reduced need for power to cool or heat homes and the aesthetic look for good quality blinds and shutters always adds value to homes when it comes time to assess their market value.
Yes, eventually. They can do this over time and it is a normal part of aging, but good quality blinds and shutters take many years to fade. Regular care and maintenance of your blinds and shutters will also increase their lifespan.