ThermaStyle vs FauxWood Shutters: What’s The Best Option For Home?

It’s important to consider a range of factors when deciding on shutters for your home. This includes the size of your windows, the location of your home , the type of room and the existing interior decor in rooms. Do you know what is the best material for plantation shutters? Options include fauxwood/pvc, aluminium, timber and ThermaStyle.

The last option that people may be less familiar with. Thermastyle’s are touted as excellent materials capable of working in every room. Below we take a closer look at what they are and their pros and cons compared to Fauxwood/PVC.


What is FauxWood?

FauxWood plantation shutters are shutters that look similar to real wood blinds but are cheaper, more durable and lower in maintenance. They are used in place of traditional timber shutters as natural timber is more prone to cracking, warping and chipping, especially when exposed to moisture or a lot of sunlight.

Fauxwood shutters are typically made from synthetic materials such as plastic, vinyl or a mix of wood pulp which makes them non-recyclable. They are relatively cheap and offer a lot of flexibility in terms of where they can be used, making them a popular option for lovers of the natural timber look. However, they are not as durable as other options like aluminium or ThermaStyle. They also can release toxins in the house when exposed to high temperatures

What is ThermaStyle?

ThermaStyle shutters also have the look and feel of wood with several major advantages over FauxWood/PVC. Made from dense polymer foam with built-in, co-extruded aluminium core components, ThermaStyle is an extremely durable, non-toxic synthetic material. Being 100% recyclable, these shutters are made from an enhanced and technologically superior virgin PVC.

ThermaStyle shutters are water resistant, fire retardant and provide over two to three times the insulation of FauxWood shutters, making them the ideal choice for both internal and external applications such as bathrooms, balconies, kitchens or anywhere around the home. ThermaStyle shutters have the same water resistant properties as FauxWood but are stronger and also include a resting plate that reduces scratching and sagging.

Choose ThermaStyle for a Stronger Solution

The increased durability of ThermaStyle plantation shutters makes them more suitable for larger windows and they are guaranteed not to warp, twist, crack, peel or carry. They are representative of the latest in a long line of innovations in synthetic shutter materials.

Quality Plantation Shutters in Sydney

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