Why our Shutters are Ideal for Summer!

The Australian Sun is brutal, especially the peak in temperatures – making us become hot and uncomfortable in our own homes. We live in a land of soaring temperatures and happen to sit right beneath a hole in the ozone layer.

With Australia’s climate, we all seek ways to stay cool. But look no further, as shutters (specifically ours! iStyle Shutters) are brilliant thermal insulators as their adjustable louvres allow ventilation and light control while limiting the heat gain through windows and doors.


Our Awnings are external shutters that are particularly effective in providing an attractive barrier between outdoor heat and the window. They can determine how much sunlight you let in your home or entertainment areas regulating the temperature throughout the year – blocking out unwanted sunlight and heat, or directing a breeze.

iStyle ShuttersMoreover, they are also great for added security and don’t take up any interior space – but reduces entry of solar energy by up to 80%. Perfect to get rid of heat buildup from a closed house after a long hot day.

Roller Shutters

If you’re looking for more protection from the sun, but also your home – then our Roller Shutters are the ones for you!

  • Insulation – it reduces the effects of summer heat as well as retaining the warmth during the colder winter months.
  • Reduce Energy Costs – Ideal investment in the future. Further, it adds value to your home too! (UP TO 40% ENERGY SAVINGS ON HEATING & COOLING)
  • Control Your Environment – prevent the harsh sunlight from fading your carpets and interior furnishings, but acts as a long-term protection for window frames.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can do wonders for people who want to feel cool, refreshed and energised all summer long. If you want to avoid sweating in your home, then planation shutter installation may be the way to go.

They have effective thermal barriers that can help maintain indoor temperatures that are far from scorching hot by giving homeowners the convenience of UV (ultraviolet) defence and high efficiency against heat, cold and noise. Moreover, they are highly durable and easy to maintain, providing privacy, shade and natural airflow.

iStyle Shutters - Why our Shutters are Ideal for Summer!

A lifesaver for people who simply don’t want to waste outrageous amounts of money each summer cooling their homes, like energy bills! L Our plantation shutters can help you sit pretty indoors regardless of how awful the heat may feel outside!

Find the Perfect Design for Your Home

We offer FREE home consultation which includes a free measure and quote. With custom solutions and expertise in shutters, the team at iStyle can help you find the perfect shutters to match your home this summer!

iStyle Shutters’ blind and shutters experts will get to know you and your home’s needs before finding a custom solution for you. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – getting you the right blinds/shutters for your home, style and budget!

Don’t let the nice weather pass you by. Get your shutters today so you can enjoy the upcoming season to the fullest!

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