Why Choose Thermastyle Plantation Shutters?

Our Thermastyle Plantation Shutters have a clear advantage over all other shutters and there’s a clear reason why.

Over the years, shutters have been made from many different materials and combinations of materials. With Thermastyle, we’ve found the ultimate shutter material for use in any situation – take a look.

Looking Good – A Shutter Essential

Well chosen shutters are the ultimate finishing touch to any home. They have to complement the look of your home, no matter what level of design or architectural skill went into your home when it was built. The materials we use in Thermastyle shutters are so versatile, they can handle any design requirements.

Outlasting the House

Why should you fit shutters capable of outlasting your home? Simply because they’re there to protect the building – the guard at the gate can’t fall asleep on the job. Selecting shutters made from durable material is an essential part of the process.


Why Thermastyle Shutters?

In protecting our homes, shutters go through hell, especially when they are outside. The combination of time and weather can destroy most materials, which is why we believe we have come up with the best possible solution in our Thermastyle shutters, so lets look at the elements we mentioned above:

Design: There is nothing clunky about Thermastyle Shutters. They will fit right in with any style of house. The materials we make them from allow us to create elegant, refined looking    shutters which are deceptively strong.

Versatile Finish: The shutters may be high tech, but not every house wants a high tech finish. We can match any finish you need. Thermastyle will look like timber shutters if you want them to, or go toe-to-toe with the latest aluminium products. It’s your call.

High Tech Materials: Some environments are tougher than others. By far the worst are damp, hot, high humidity conditions with a dash of sea salt. We’re talking coastal conditions. Thermastyle shutters are made from materials able to withstand even the most hostile conditions without blinking.

Added to their indestructible construction, you get easy to clean surfaces and shutters that will never warp, crack or sag.

Thermastyle - Why Choose Thermastyle Plantation Shutters?

Shutter End Game

It’s hard to imagine a more versatile and rugged product. Click here to take a look at everything the Thermastyle shutter range can do for you.  There’s a whole lot more to see, including a 20 year warranty!

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