The Window Blinds Trends that Will Define 2021

At iStyle Shutters we pride ourselves on being the experts in Sydney trends when it comes to home interiors and window blinds, curtains and shutters. The leading trends of 2021 are, not surprisingly, in neutral and minimalist tones. As well as complementing minimalist styles, window blinds can accentuate the bold colour themes within your home, or make window dressings the feature of a room. Our blinds are not only capable of enhancing your interiors, but they also offer ultimate privacy within your home and an added layer of protection against the natural elements.

Window Blinds


Minimalism, whites and neutral tones are 2021’s most obvious style trend. Pastels and colours are coming back and the 70s are still alive in some homes, but the Instagram-worthy homes all feature window blinds and shutters in white, beige, natural and stone shades within a minimalist design. The leading window blind trend of 2021, to perfectly align with your minimalist furniture, are of course roller blinds! For a simple, modern look and an easy-to-operate system, browse the available Roller Blinds at iStyle Shutters.

Bold Colours

Bold colours and nostalgia from the 90s is definitely on-trend in 2021 and that’s why our pick for your contemporary styled home is our popular Plantation Shutters. To perfectly complement an accent couch, pastel pink rug or art-deco furniture feature in a bold red, choose a versatile set of blinds that maximise privacy and minimise an aesthetic interruption.

Window Dressings

People often ask us how can you dress the windows in your home, without curtains? Some homes just don’t work with traditional curtains anymore and some customers find that black-out curtains don’t maximise their windows, so iStyle Shutters are here to remind you that you also have the option to invest in frosted glass, a privacy screen, stained glass, roman shades or blinds and shutters from our catalogue.


For the ultimate privacy when it comes to your home and the window dressings you choose for each room in the house, we recommend Roller Shutters from iStyle Shutters. Manufactured right here in Australia, iStyle window roller shutters not only offer peace of mind, but they also provide a more comfortable and eco-friendlier environment. Lightweight yet extremely strong, the curtain area consists of a marine grade aluminium skin injected with a polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation qualities.

Enhancing Interiors

Enhancing your interiors inside your home can be as easy as replacing your outdated window blinds and shutters, with a timeless design of weatherproof, private and on-trend window dressings from iStyle Shutters in Sydney.

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