Shutters: An Affordable Yet Stylish Way to Keep Warm this Winter

There’s seriously no debating it – the temperature is dropping in Australia, especially as we move through the coldest season of the year.

Keeping your home warm is a challenge considering the use of a heater, hot water bottles or even, packing on four blankets at night! However, all you need to keep warm is better insulation and what better way, then through shutters?

Shutters - Shutters: An Affordable Yet Stylish Way to Keep Warm this Winter

Why Shutters?

Shutters are functional while providing a touch of elegance to your home. It further increases the value of your home and offers other numerous benefits – the most notable being energy savings, conservation, regulation of temperature, versatility and great thermal properties!

Its ability to conserve energy through keeping in the heat at nights (easily adjustable depending on what temperatures you want throughout the day). These options evidently allow the sun to filter in during the day, and warming the interior – thus, saving the need to use a heater resulting in money saving! This is particularly an advantage considering the increase in electricity prices across Australia, so a major plus.

Shutters - Shutters: An Affordable Yet Stylish Way to Keep Warm this Winter

Increase Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings

With shutters, you are able to easily adjust the slats to keep the heat inside especially when the temperatures drastically drop this Winter. This, in turn, will improve the energy efficiency of your windows, whilst reducing your electricity bills (so, you don’t have to gasp every time you see them!). Win-win! Considering energy efficiency can be a major focus of the home design, shutters offer a solution – through improving your home’s energy performance by protecting it from the harsh upcoming weather.

These shutters also aim to effectively control the light and airflow throughout your home with the added privacy and security features. This is through providing additional insulation that prevents the cold air from entering, and hot air from escaping in the colder months.

Shutters - Shutters: An Affordable Yet Stylish Way to Keep Warm this Winter

Because do you or your family constantly have the heater running throughout the day? However, electric heaters are actually harmful to your health, according to research. This is due to the fact that the appliance sucks up all the moisture that’s present in the air, resulting in dry skin and throat – making your home an uncomfortable environment.

The lack of insulation makes your heater work harder, but shutters can control the temperature that regulates throughout your home, taking some strain off the heater. Moreover, the slatted design of shutters allows for better air circulation, meaning that the likelihood of condensation and mould formation is dramatically reduced.

Further, they are also highly affordable, whilst providing a notable amount of protection and security and are completely versatile! Meaning that it comes it all different colours and styles, allowing your home to look completely upgraded and sophisticated – offering a great balance of style, price and protection all in one shutter!

Shutters - Shutters: An Affordable Yet Stylish Way to Keep Warm this Winter

Choose iStyle Shutters TODAY!

Nevertheless, in Winter – save on your energy bills by utilising natural light and heat. At iStyle, our range of shutters will give you full control of the amount of light that you chose to let inside your room with the choice to keep the heat inside too. These shutters are an excellent option, no matter the time of the year. Better yet, they can be custom made to suit your needs, adding charm and finesse to any home, while their intense practicality makes them an Australian favourite.

If you’re ready to add function and style to your space – contact us today!

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