Should Venetian and Vertical Blinds Be Light Or Dark?

Choosing Tones & Colours for Venetian & Vertical Blinds

Wondering how to match the colour of your desired Venetian blinds or new vertical blinds, with the colour of your walls, flooring, windows and other home interior accents? Don’t worry, the friendly team here at iStyle Shutters in Sydney is here to help you, and with our huge range of customisable blinds, shutters and awnings, we are sure that we can find the perfect fit for your home, your office, your bathroom or your bedroom.

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Using Lighter Coloured Blinds

A failsafe strategy that many lean on when wondering what tone or colour to choose, is matching blinds or shades to the colour of the window trim. Since most trims are shades of white or off white, you can’t really go too wrong with this neutral look, and you’ll be guaranteed not to clash with your other decor. If you don’t want your windows to be the focal point of the room, choose Vertical Blinds that match your white trim, but always be wary of the exact shade, as nothing is ever ‘just white’.

This is a classic look that won’t be going out of style any time soon, just as matching blinds to your wall colour is. This alternative is also an aesthetically safe option that makes more of a style statement. Tone-on-tone looks are in modern and contemporary style, so by matching your beige walls to beige Venetian Blinds in the same tone, you’ll be right on trend.

Another option is matching your blinds to your flooring or other fixtures such as wooden cabinets, where a lighter colour blends in or makes a statement in the home. If your space boasts gorgeous wooden floorboards, then this is a great way to bring natural wood tones to your windows, too. Wood shutters, timber blinds and even faux wood blinds, have a wide range of natural colours and stains that can complement any decor style and dual toned statements in your home are an amazing way to highlight these features.

Using Darker Coloured Blinds

In a white or a neutral room, a bold colour such as navy or dark green, really makes a statement in your space and ties the room together. However, this high contrast look works just as well with neutrals as it does with solid colours, so if your kitchen cabinets are an industrial grey then your Venetian Blinds may want to mimic this style too.

A wooden blind in a dark stain or a modern black shutter in an otherwise light room, will make a strong aesthetic statement, while still feeling classic. Achieve the perfect industrial or contemporary look by talking through your customisable options with our experts in design at iStyle Shutters.

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