Reasons that Roller Blinds are Home and Office Necessities

Reasons that Roller Blinds are Home & Office Necessities

A lot of us (Australians) spend their days either working in an office, or simply staying within the comforts of our home – and we definitely want to be comfortable.

Those eight-hour (sometimes longer) days can be made hear to bear if a few basic human comforts aren’t provided – along with the exhausting Australian sun bearing down on us at home.

Roller Blinds

iStyle Shutters provides roller blinds that offer a simple modern look and easy-to-use operation. It provides a stylish yet cost-effective solution to your window furnishing needs.


  1. Maximum Light Control

With Summer fast approaching us, the weather will soon become disgusting. Whether at home or school, sometimes the air conditioning doesn’t function properly – keeping the heat inside.

Roller blinds provide a perfect answer to this; they do an incredible job of keeping the heat our, providing insulation to the office/home and helping to regulate temperature.

*iStyle Shutters offers a dual system ‘Day-Night’ combination. It allows you to switch from a blockout screen to a sunscreen, giving you complete control over the amount of sunlight entering your home.

  1. Protect furniture and carpet from radiation

Did you know that the radiation from the sun can also have damaging effects on office décor, such as furniture and carpet?

By installing roller blinds, the damaging effects of constant exposure to sunlight can be mitigated. The blinds allow you to let just enough sunlight in to provide light to the office or home, and can be easily adjusted during the times of the days when more direct sunlight is flooding in, protecting your furniture and carpet – prolonging their lives.

  1. Total Privacy

Roller blinds are perfect in offering the privacy you need, whilst still maintaining acceptable levels of natural light.

  1. They look great and durable!

It adds aesthetic value to your home/office that traditional blinds can rarely offer. They are specifically designed to complement any type of décor, adding a chic look to any place – as, they come in a range of colours guaranteed to suit any style.

  1. They’re easy to install and budget-friendly.


Our ‘Roller Shutters’ are simple and easy to operate, as well as being maintenance free. The team at iStyle Shutters are dedicated to customer satisfaction and ensuring that you get the right blinds and shutters for your home, your style and budget

.Roller Blinds - Reasons that Roller Blinds are Home and Office Necessities

Better yet, we offer FREE home consultation which includes a free measure and quote. We also, assign each customer a Personal Project Officer who will be with you every step of the way, from selection to installation!

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