Plantation Shutters Add More Than Style

Plantation Shutters are more than just the aesthetic choice. Whether ThermaStyle, basswood or aluminium, plantation shutters also control the lighting in your home, whilst insulating against the heat or the cold. In addition, they will add to your property’s value and overall aesthetic. Alongside this aesthetic versatility, plantation style shutters are also amazing for temperature control, sound insulation, ambience, endurance and privacy.

Plantation Shutters Window shutters Sydney

Types of Plantation Shutters

Basswood Timber Shutters

Our Premium Basswood Timber Shutters are engineered so they don’t warp, so you can enjoy their durability even in Sydney’s unpredictable weather conditions. Created here in Australia, we’ve packed the product with some essential features that make it the perfect solution for both traditional and modern homes in Sydney: they are lightweight, but very strong, they made from a renewable resource and they have a superior stain finish, so can be styled to match your natural aesthetic.

ThermaStyle Plantation Shutters

Superior to typical PVC, iStyle Shutters range of ThermaStyle Plantation Shutters are our most sought after product, combining the best of both worlds to bring a cost-effective, lasting solution to stylish homes across Sydney. This choice of shutters in your Sydney home provides the rich look of timber shutters, without timber’s problems. They not only look great, but their durable material makes them suitable in all weather conditions, both indoor and outdoor and in any room of your home. Engineered in Australia using high-quality materials, ThermaStyle plantation shutters are optimised for the best shutter performance, and they won’t sag or deform over time. These shutters are also a great insulator to your home, as they are constantly ventilating the room during the summer months, whilst keeping the sun at bay and blocking cold drafts and heavy winds when the winter months arrive.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

The alternative plantation shutter choice, apart from basswood timber and fauxwood shutters, are the highly trusted Aluminium Plantation Shutters. As they are widely renowned for being some of the toughest on the market in Sydney and beyond, you can trust that they are built to last and super easy to maintain. With waterproof qualities for outdoor use, you’ll love not only the aesthetics of aluminium, but the versatility of plantation shutters. Our premium aluminium shutters are made from marine grade aluminium which makes them suitable our harsh Australian weather. When you buy from iStyle, you can count on a range of customisable options and our quality craftsmanship, for the window covering aesthetic that your contemporary home needs.

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