How to Pair Blinds and Shutters Together

For Sydney homeowners, combining window treatments can be hard to get right. Sometimes, one set of blinds is just not enough! Whether your house lets too much light in at 6am or whether your aesthetic just calls for another set of plantation shutters, iStyle Shutters in Sydney are here to help find the right matching pair of window treatments for your home.

Blinds and shutters Sydney Window Shutters

Make Sure Your Layers Aren’t Too Heavy

The most important thing to remember when layering your window treatments, such as curtains, blinds and shutters, is to make sure that your layers aren’t too heavy. You want your space to remain light-filled, airy and homely and you want to minimise the dark and drab dust bunnies (we can only assume). The best way to do this is to pair a heavy curtain option like draperies, with a softer blind option such as Roller Blinds. With a range of single and double roller blinds available here at iStyle Shutters, we offer maximum choice and customisation, so you can choose from a variety of elegant sun control fabrics including blockout, translucent and sunscreens to perfectly match your heavy draperies or curtains and achieve your perfect level of light, privacy and aesthetic.

Match Prints with Plain Colours

Always match prints with plain colours. When it comes to maximising the style of your contemporary home, this is one of the most important rules in achieving a modern look with statement pieces. If you’re a fan of printed curtains, why not pair with our popular Plantation Shutters: one of the most trendy and commonly-paired window treatments because they are just so customisable! The reason they’re so complementary is because they offer homeowners the most freedom when it comes to shutters and light, privacy or aesthetics. Plantation shutters are perfect for the bigger windows in your home, since they can optimise your privacy, while also letting in a good amount of light so your plants and your selfies don’t suffer. Sometimes in large rooms though, you may want to add a splash of bold colour or a bold print to give a bit of warmth to the space.

Overall Consistency

The key to the perfect pairing is to stay consistent. As long as you achieve an overall consistency with your aesthetic, your house is sure to pop! Even the tiniest detail, such as making sure the rods the blinds hang from are matching, makes a difference to your overall consistent look. Make sure you have the same look for every window in the same room and also keep in mind what this looks like from the outside. If you’re unsure which blinds to choose, what shutters to pair with your curtains or what materials you may require to maximise light, privacy and aesthetics, feel free to contact the friendly team at iStyle Shutters in Sydney and we’ll be happy to help!

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