Insulating Your Home – What’s the Best Window Covering Option?

In our homes, windows are one of the biggest culprits of heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in warm weather. Inadequate window insulation can decrease the energy efficiency of your home by 50 per cent, meaning your heating and cooling systems have to work harder to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature, resulting in higher household bills and higher emissions.

There are two main ways of preventing heat loss and heat gain through your windows. The first and best is by having roller shutters installed externally. The second solution is investing in quality blinds and plantation shutters that offer high-performance insulation. Improving insulation is a great way to make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly.

How Heat Loss/Gain Occurs

Cool and warm air escapes through your windows in multiple ways, including:

  • Air leaking through gaps along the edges
  • Heat and cold passing through the actual glass via conduction
  • A radiation effect where heat flows from warm objects toward cooler ones, balancing the inside temperature with the outside.

Effective window insulation can prevent all of these things from happening, making it easier to regulate indoor temperature.

The Best Ways to Insulate Windows

Anything that completely covers the surface of your windows will improve insulation. Some studies have suggested that the most effective approach is insulating the home using fabric awnings or roller shutters on the outside of the windows. However, this isn’t always the most practical option and may not suit your aesthetic preferences.

Thermastyle shutters or venetian blinds are great options for keeping heat in and out, thanks to the high density polymers. However, the blinds or shutters need to close completely and create a seal. PVC shutters are also good, especially for coping with heat if they are a lighter colour. However cheap PVC products can release toxins when exposed to higher temperatures.

Dual Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are another great choice. Ideally, you want a dual roller blind. This involves having one blockout blind, which is capable of preventing both light and outdoor temperatures from penetrating the home combined with another lighter sunshade blind. The lighter blind helps you cover your windows with a mildly transparent material so you can let light in without letting undesirable outside temperatures in at the same time.

Insulating Blinds and Shutters in Sydney

If you’re interested in getting blinds or shutters in your home, contact the team at iStyle Shutters for a free consultation. From classic vertical blinds to roller blinds with great insulating qualities, we’ll help you find the perfect custom solution for your home and promise 100% quality, design and satisfaction. Get in touch today!

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