How to Professionally Style Your Windows

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to have an amazingly structured home. You just need a little creativity, a vision and attention to detail to transform your home that will celebrate and bring out the finesse of a modern structure.

While design and colour continue to be the main contributor in defining a room’s style – windows are the ones that reveal a home’s character and be one of the most outstanding features of your home. When extra personality is needed – windows can add a layer of sophistication and cleanliness to a room through the overall appearance of it. It also serves as a practical solution to filter in sunlight and deliver privacy when it’s most needed.

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If you want an effortlessly vintage, yet clean look – then shutters are the way to go! They are perfect as they are able to filter in sunlight while maintaining controllable privacy.

style windows - How to Professionally Style Your Windows

Plantation shutters have effective thermal barriers that can help maintain indoor temperatures and are highly durable, easy to maintain the aims to provide privacy, shade and natural airflow. Apart from the range of advantages that are offered – they can also be beautifully matched accordingly to your style. Moreover, there are three options that you could choose from: 

  • Thermastyle Plantation Shutters – they provide the rich look of timber shutters without timber’s inherent problems. This option is extremely popular as the material gives off a sophisticated vibe that will not sag, creep or deform over time.
  • Premium Basswood Plantation Shutters – they allow a smooth silky finish and is completely free of resins. Its unique cellular structure provides insulation against heat, cold and noise – while adding a beautiful addition to any rooms.
  • Aluminium Plantation Shutters – they act as a protective shield from the harsh Australian weather while adding value to your home and improving the decor to your outdoor living area.


style windows - How to Professionally Style Your Windowsstyle windows - How to Professionally Style Your Windows


If you’re going for a contemporary and low-maintenance look, then consider in investing in Roller Blinds on your windows. By providing both privacy control, insulation from all weathers that helps regulate temperatures – it offers a streamlined look that is continually coming to market with more fabrics and functionality than ever before.

Patterned or plain, textured or solid – roller blinds take on a bigger decor role and ease your energy bills in the process! They are specifically designed to complement any type of decor, adding a chic look to any place as they come in a range of colours and textures guaranteed to suit any style.

style windows - How to Professionally Style Your Windows

Why Choose iStyle Shutters?

For many years, iStyle Shutters has been supplying our clients with the finest quality available and providing them with access to the most popular windows blinds and shutters on the market!

By contacting us, our team is able to answer any enquiries or questions that you may have in order for you to make an informed decision on what shutters or blinds works for you, your budget and home! We look forward to helping you make the correct decision.

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