How to Dress Windows to Create Brighter, Larger Rooms

If the main priority in your modern Sydney home is to create a space that feels airy and allows maximum sunlight for your plants, your mind and your sense of space, then iStyle Shutters in Sydney are here to help you with the perfect shutters and blinds. We pride ourselves on being the Australian experts in curtains, blinds, shutters, roller blinds and window blinds, as well as how to dress your windows and doors to get the most of your space. This is why we dedicate our professionalism and our design know-how to perfectly aid our customers in the search for quality, durable and aesthetic window treatments that make the most out of your space.

Bright room

Avoid Curtains

The number one rule in home interior design, if your main priority is to create a large, bright space, is to avoid heavy curtains. If you love the aesthetic of curtains, we recommend ditching the heavy window treatments in favour of lighter ones. Instead, invest in sheer curtains that allow some privacy whilst also maximising the light that is let into your home.

Choose a Lighter Colour

Another way to maximise sunlight in your home is by matching your blinds to the light colour of the window trim and always choosing this light colour for your blinds. Since most trims are shades of white and off white, you can’t really go wrong with this neutral look, and you’ll be guaranteed not to clash with your other decor. If you want to have the option of completely removing your blinds on a sunny day, simply choose Vertical Blinds that match your white trim or Roller Blinds that provide full customisation in how much light is coming into the room. This is a classic aesthetic choice that won’t be going out of style any time soon, as a bright light-filled room with minimal furniture and clutter will always make your space appear large and airy.

Maximise Sunlight

This seems like a no-brainer, but we can’t stress enough that maximising your sunlight is the best way to make your room and your spaces appear bigger. As well as minimising clutter, choosing light-coloured or natural material furniture, always keeping your windows clean, and installing blinds and shutters that offer a light, bright aesthetic are the way to go. With a range of single and double Roller Blinds that offer you the maximum in choice and customisation, iStyle Shutters provides you with a variety of elegant sun control fabrics including blockout, translucent and sunscreen. You can also customise your sunlight transparency. We also offer contemporary-style Plantation Shutters for a traditional, eclectic style that also complements your large windows and adds to the feeling of a bright, airy room.

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