How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

If you’ve recently had one of our popular blinds or shutters installed in your home – we bet you’re ecstatic with their functional practicality and sleek design. As their timeless look is always in style and realising that these additions to your home evidently add value to it.

However, we know you’ll also want to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed, and they obviously won’t look impeccable if they’re covered in dust. Luckily for you, both shutters and blinds don’t require enormous upkeep and are surprisingly easy to clean.

Just like any other furniture or interior furnishings in your home – both shutters and blinds need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are in working order and stay great, especially if you have company over!

Hence, no matter what shutter or blind that you install – this is how you clean it!

Roller Blinds

shutters - How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

These blinds are extremely low on maintenance; all you need is regular consistency in removing any noticeable dust and grime that builds up, and the occasional deeper clean for a cleaner and pristine look.

Through regular maintenance to ensure the removal of built-up stains or dust and a clean look – either use a soft brush or a sponge mixed with a diluted soap mixture. The soap mixture should consist of one tablespoon of dishwashing soap to every 4 cups of water. Ensure that you gently dab your blinds, as scrubbing could potentially result in more damage. After cleaning with the sponge – go over the blinds again with a damp cloth to let them dry off completely.

Venetian Blinds

For Venetian Blinds – you need to do weekly maintenance and an extensive clean at least once a month through the use of your vacuum cleaner (under the lowest setting!). To ensure a proper clean – fully close the blind and gently run the nozzle of the vacuum across each slat so you’re getting rid of any dust or left-over residue.

Don’t forget to reverse the slats to clean the other side, so you’re cleaning everything. Another tip is working top to bottom as this is the only way that you are able to efficiently collect all the dust. If you don’t have an accessible vacuum or dislike the sound – then a pair of cotton gloves will work just as well.

shutters - How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

Plantation Shutters

To clean Plantation Shutters – the simpler, the better! You will want to clean them without any harsh chemicals/cleaning materials and using a lot of water instead and clean the shutters with a dusting cloth or simply, a vacuum.

shutters - How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

A vacuum aims to remove dust and debris, which is perfect for cleaning your shutters. Then, after you’re rid of the noticeable dirt – use a wet cloth to gently scrub any particularly stubborn areas or stains. Ensure that you pay attention to the small spaces between the sides of the shutters for a more precise clean especially, considering it is these places where dirt builds up.

However, considering where your shutters are and the materials – some might require more detailed cleaning. If your shutters are located in the kitchen, children’s rooms or your main dining room – grease and unwanted particles are more likely to accumulate. Hence, it is recommended and (ideal!) that you clean these shutters once a week!

Awnings / Roller Shutters

shutters - How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

For both awnings and roller shutters – they are both situated on the exterior of your house and are obviously – subjected to more dust and debris from external factors.

However, before you start cleaning – make sure that all your shutters and awnings are all closed and start with a dry cloth or broom to rid of the noticeable and easily removed dirt. You’re essentially getting rid of the first layer of dirt that resides on your shutters or awnings. Next order of business is to mix some detergent and water to quickly wipe down the shutters to rid any remaining dust, allowing a more thorough rinse. After that is done, hose it down to wash away any soapy water, so it doesn’t leave residue on your shutters.

Panel Glides / Vertical Blinds

Both Panel Glides and Vertical Blinds are both high in simplicity and are completely versatile. For everyday cleaning, either dust it with a dry cloth or vacuum with an upholstery fitting to keep dust from accumulating.

However, for more stubborn marks that seem to form – use lukewarm water mixed with detergent (make sure it isn’t a heavy concentrated product) in order to remove any noticeable dirt and grime. Instead of wiping any soapy residue left, let it dry naturally to avoid any irreparable damage to them.

shutters - How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

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