How Do I Choose The Right Shutters For My Home

You’ve decided to fit shutters to your home. Good decision; they’ll look great and increase your property’s value!

There are so many different choices for selecting shutters, you have Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roller Shutters, Thermastyle Shutters, awnings and Panel Glides. Each have their own special look and feel and deciding on the right.

But Have You Asked Yourself all the Right Questions?

Fitting shutters is a good move, but there are several different styles, each with its own features. Fitting the correct shutters will maximise your benefits.

Ask Yourself these Questions before Ordering Your Shutters:

Do I need to Keep Cool?

If your home is out in the open, without trees to shelter it from the sun, you need sun control.

Shutters will drop interior temperatures and prevent damage to furniture, carpets and floors; all of which fade quickly if they aren’t protected.

If you have air conditioning, shutters will slash electricity costs.

Will my Home be a Safer Place?

Shutters make your home very private. People can’t see in, no matter what time of day it is.

Curtains and screens can give a false sense of privacy; certain fabrics become transparent when it’s brighter inside than out.

Nobody can see through shutters, no matter the lighting conditions.

Am I Confusing Privacy with Security?

Shutters designed to block sunlight during the day and prying eyes after dark might not be particularly strong.

To stop or deter intruders your shutters will need to double as burglar proofing.

Put Roller Shutters on your short list

- How Do I Choose The Right Shutters For My Home

Do I Need to See Outside?

Standard shutters will block or seriously limit your view from the house into the garden.

Summertime, when shutters are at their most useful, is also playing in the garden, climbing trees and splashing about in the pool time.

As much as they are great fun, they are also inherently dangerous.

Parents need to keep an eye on things, so shutters that allow you to see into the garden or pool area are essential.

Will the shutters you are considering allow you to see outside?

Do I Need Protection from Fire?

This not a daft question!

If you live within a few hundred meters of a bush area, ask your fire department for an opinion.

Cinders from a raging bushfire can spark new fire points up to 10 kilometres from the active fire front.

Roller shutters can minimise fire risk if they are specifically designed and made from the right materials.

Decision Time

Once you know what you want from your shutters, making the right choice is so much easier.

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