Best 4 Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Blinds With New Ones

When you choose a new window cover for your home, chances are that you want to keep them for a couple of years and keep that ‘mint condition’ look. Blinds continue to be an excellent addition to your home, adding a sophisticated element of style as an interior-furnishing to any room. Moreover, they can continue to look incredibly stylish even after years of proper care. However, while keeping your window coverings for over five to ten years may seem like a good idea, it’s isn’t as there are situations that warrant an immediate replacement for your blinds.
Blinds - Best 4 Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Blinds With New Ones

Any Damages

Like with any other furniture, if any of the blind’s components are compromised (worn or damaged) – it can prevent them from working efficiently; an indicator that your blinds need changing. If you have roller blinds that aren’t functioning well and you aren’t able to lower /raise the shade properly, then replacement is needed. Likewise, if your slats are frayed or cords are stuck, we offer an easy solution to all your problems.


Blinds - Best 4 Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Blinds With New Ones
Safety is single-handedly the most important factor in everything, like your maintenance when it comes to your blinds. While, they may serve to be an amazing addition to your interior or exterior furnishings, but they may be detrimental to a child’s safety. This is particularly apparent if your blinds have exposed cords that are easily accessible to a child, which poses as a strangulation hazard. However, this can be easily resolved by choosing a more modernised style of blinds which can be purchased from iStyle!


If it has been years (or even decades!) since you last replaced your blinds, then it’s a good time for a replacement especially if it isn’t in style anymore. What was considered the “trend” or stylish in the past five to ten years is completely different from now as interior design is always changing throughout the years. The style of your blinds can essentially make a room seem outdated and dull, where any signs of discolouration will result in a dirtier-looking room. Hence, by replacing outdated window coverings – you are giving your rooms a facelift. To avoid this problem, try choosing a more sophisticated and timeless look.

Blinds - Best 4 Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Blinds With New Ones

Out-Dated Functions

Apart from looking at blinds from an aesthetic looking perspective, it’s time to consider the functions of blinds including the purposes that they are meant to serve. This includes providing privacy, regulating room temperatures and maintaining the amount of light to avoid any furniture discolouration. However, if your blinds are outdated or damaged, it may prevent them from performing their intended functions which obviously means – you need to replace your blinds!

Translucent Blind

More BLINDS Options!

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