The Difference Between Panel Glides and Vertical Blinds

Panel Glides are versatile and elegant shading option for large windows and sliding doors, so they’re ideal for all sort of spaces, adding a touch of extra class to any room, whether it’s at work or home. While, Vertical Blinds are sleek, modern and adaptable that provides privacy and light control, tailored to fit any window shape. But which one is more suited for your home?

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Light Control & PrivacyThey are made of panels of fabric that stack neatly behind one another when open, maximising natural sunlight.

When closed, they form a complete fabric screen, offering versatile light control & privacy.

Vertical Blinds provide privacy, light control and fit almost any window shape. Moreover, the vertical slats are fully adjustable depending on your choice of light that filters in the room.
AestheticExcellent room divider, adding to the appeal of the room because of their excellent quality, stylish textures and colours.

The blinds will instantly brighten up any room as they are chic and modern.

These blinds are more flexible and versatile in terms of colour, as we offer them in virtually ANY colour – even colour match them to the walls of your favourite room.

Temperature Control

Panel Glides are aimed to regulate the temperature in your immediate surroundings, which will result in a decrease in your energy bills.The structure of vertical blinds isn’t as environmentally sustainable as panel glides, and they tend to transfer more heat than panel glides.

However, you can control the light with a simple pull of the cord. So, enjoy shading when the sun gets too much.

RepairsPanel Glides are easily repairable, but you need to call us at iStyle for a repair.Vertical blinds are easier to repair, considering if one of the blinds needed an adjustment or replacement.
CostGreat and affordable price.They are a very cost-effective way of covering the windows.

panel blinds,vertical blinds - The Difference Between Panel Glides and Vertical Blinds

Both Panel Glides and Vertical Blinds are enhanced specifically for Australia market conditions, suitable for a wide range of applications and characterised by their flexibility and efficient solar protection.

If you make a purchase from iStyle – our mission aims to make all our clients receive dedicated service and special discounted rates. We do offer a FREE home consultation and ensure 100% satisfaction.

iStyle Shutters have years of experience in the blinds and shutters industry so you can rest assured that you’re in expert hands

panel blinds,vertical blinds - The Difference Between Panel Glides and Vertical Blinds

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