How Effective Are Roller and Plantation Shutters for Insulation?

As we near the warmer months of spring and summer in Sydney, it becomes increasingly important to re-evaluate the insulation in your home and where you can easily increase or decrease the protection and temperature of your home. Here at iStyle Shutters, we believe that your choice of shutters and blinds can heavily impact the temperature of your home and affect the interior stability throughout the year or at different times of day. Whether it’s winter or summer, homeowners will always prioritise temperature regulation, but if you can simply change your shutter or blind choice in each room to save money on air-conditioning or heating, why wouldn’t you?

Shutters for insulation

Plantation Shutters

We often get asked whether plantation shutters are any good for insulation and the answer is a definite yes! In fact, Plantation Shutters are the most insulating window treatment, they just also happen to be our favourite when it comes to aesthetics as well!

The truth is, rooms with windows that get direct sunlight during the day can get unbearably hot, even with air-conditioning on. This can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep and be comfortable in your home during summer. Similarly, in winter months, you can hold your hand up to your curtains, blinds, or shades and you will still feel the chilly, cold air coming in from outside! Some beautiful, older homes are particularly bad when it comes to the dead of winter and the peak of summer, but our plantation shutters offer an insulative barrier between your windows and your home’s interior, so you can maintain your desired room temperature, throughout the entire year!

Roller Shutters

The other option that is more practical than aesthetic, and the option you may want to go for if you live in an area of Australia with harsh weather conditions, is our trusty Roller Shutters. iStyle Shutters’ Roller Shutters provide a more comfortable and eco-friendlier environment as well as a lightweight yet extremely strong material. The curtain area consists of a marine grade aluminium skin that is injected with a polyurethane foam for added strength and maximised insulation qualities so, no matter what the weather is outside, your home will be operating on its own regulated temperature system.

Discover for yourself why more people across Sydney are taking advantage of iStyle Shutters’ truly multi-functional product and feel free to contact us today to discuss which options are best for you, your family and your home.

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