The Benefits of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have been a popular choice for covering windows in homes and businesses for centuries across the world. Venetian blinds are thought to have originated from Persia (modern day Iran) between 1100 and 1500. Many centuries later, Venetian blinds remain popular for their functionality, durability, elegance and classical style. Below we look at the reasons why they’re great.

venetian blinds

Flexibility and Control

Venetian blinds are excellent for light control and privacy. You can easily angle the blades in such a way as to allow lots of light or less light. They can also be drawn all the way up to let a full stream of sunlight in through the windows.

The ease with which Venetian blinds are opened and closed makes controlling privacy easy to achieve. If you have neighbours nearby, a public footpath or you simply want to shut off your windows during the night, these blinds can give you the privacy you seek.

Easy to Maintain

With some blinds and curtains, you need to remove them from the windows to wash them thoroughly.

Some blinds need particular cleaning agents while curtains require vacuuming and washing to keep them fresh and stain free. With Venetian blinds, a simple wiping down with a damp cloth or microfiber cloth keeps them looking their best. They are also easy to repair if they are damaged. This is because individual slats can be easily replaced, as are other elements of the blinds such as the mechanism that opens and closes the slats and pulls them up and down.


Venetian blinds are highly durable. When made of high density polymer or timber that is properly treated, they can withstand years of moisture and sun exposure while staying strong and retaining their beautiful appeal. Children can’t damage Venetian blinds as easily as other types of window coverings.

ThermaStyle Venetian blinds will not crack or warp. This makes them a great choice for those who need window coverings in rooms where lots of light streams through the windows or where condensation might form due to temperature changes or being in a wet area of the home like the bathroom or kitchen.


Venetian blinds are incredibly versatile, suiting a variety of architectural styles from country homes to contemporary office spaces.

Simply choose a material and colour or finish that suits. They can also be installed on a wide range of window types and sizes. Venetian blinds can be cut and sized to fit almost any kind of window.

Quality Venetian Blinds in Sydney

If you’re interested in getting quality timber or ThermaStyle vertical Venetian blinds in your home, contact the team at iStyle Shutters for a free consultation. We’ll work with you to find the perfect custom solution for your home and promise 100% quality, design and satisfaction. Get in touch today!

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