Are Shutters For Your Home Worth the Money?

This question is more complex than it seems, at first.

When it comes to purchasing shutters, you have two aspects to consider: The Aesthetic and the Practical.

The Aesthetic Factors

Looking Good

Shutters enhance the looks of our homes. There’s a certain finished look only shutters can give.

With the finished look comes increased property value, beyond the actual value of the shutters and their installation.

In Private

- Are Shutters For Your Home Worth the Money?

Home is a place away from the rest of the world – somewhere to unwind, to be ourselves. Shutters are the only way to guarantee real privacy.

Fabric curtains tend to allow line-of-sight from dark areas to light areas. During the day, people can’t see in, but curtains or blinds might become almost transparent after dark.

And what about the dreaded “chink in the drapes”! Curtains tend to gape in the middle, leaving you  on the wrong end of a peep show.

Shutters solve curtain related problems in one easy move. Outsiders will never be able to see into your home.

The Practical Stuff

This is where things get exciting. The aesthetics give you instant peace of mind and money in your pocket when you sell your home.

The practical benefits of fitting shutters bring you instant financial returns.

If you think about it, windows are a problem. We build houses to guard against burglars, summer heat and winter cold. We then promptly make huge holes in them so we can see out.

Windows are ideal places for burglars to get in and they leak. They allow in freezing cold during winter and blazing heat during summer. Glazing does little to solve the problem and we have to compensate with air con and heating.

The Air Con

Shutters stop the sun in its tracks and keep the inside of your home cool. This means you spend far less on cooling. Lowering the temperature from 38ºC to 20ºC is far more expensive than dropping it from, say, 24ºC. It’s a no brainer.

The Heating

- Are Shutters For Your Home Worth the Money?

Shutters have the same effect on your heating bill. By insulating your windows against the winter cold, you spend far less on heating.

Blocking Out Sun Damage

Floors, furnishings and interior finishes all suffer in the sun.

Pictures on the walls also fade, particularly old family photos which are probably irreplaceable. They don’t even have to be in direct sunlight to feel its effects.

Stopping Thieves

Shutters can prevent burglars getting at breakable glass and flimsy window catches. A well designed, correctly fitted shutter will deter housebreakers because they won’t be able to gain entry without making a lot of noise – their worst enemy.

So, What’s the Score?

There is no question: fitting shutters is worth the money.

It’s not an expense, it’s an investment; one which starts racking up dividends as soon as the installation is complete.

You’ll never regret the day you decided to go with shutters and your bank account won’t be sorry either!

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