A Short Guide On Choosing The Right Plantation Shutters For You

The cost of iStyle’s range of multi-functional and stylish plantation shutters is largely affordable and will remain so, even with the installation included. However, choosing the right plantation shutters for your home or office is important!

Here is a little guide to help you:

Thermastyle Plantation Shutters

(Incredible performance ratings)

Premium Basswood Plantation Shutters

(A strong and durable soft timber)

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

(A highly strong and durable metal, used widely for its resistance to corrosion)

–       Suitable for outside or inside; very versatile.

–       Requires little maintenance.

–       All colours are available for you.

–       Amazing durability with 20 years warranty!

–       UV-resistant!

–       Repairable and re-coatable surface.

–       Not suitable for wet areas.

–       Requires little maintenance.

–       Colours are only in the natural basswood.

–       Lightweight, yet very strong.

–       Minimal installation.

–       Works great with warm interior design.

–       Incredible durability.

–       Suitable for outside and tolerates wet areas

–       Requires very little maintenance.

–       A wide variety of colours are readily available

–       Need installation done by us

–       Suitable for both older and newer-looking homes and for all styles.

–       Custom-made to suit any décor.

–       Long durability that only requires a little maintenance from time to time.

Insulation & Practicability:

Plantation Shutters allows you to manually adjust the light that enters your home – constructed to keep the brutal Australian heat or the cold out while leaving the interior temperatures the same. You get natural sunlight into your room, but it’s a pleasing low light instead of a harsh light.

Our ThermaStyle Shutters are slim, elegant, clean, smooth and refined.

  • Incredible performance & long-lasting.
  • Insulates 70% more efficient than traditional timber shutters.

plantation shutters - A Short Guide On Choosing The Right Plantation Shutters For You

Premium Basswood Plantation Shutters

  • Extreme temperatures and moisture don’t shrink, swell or warp the timber.
  • Cellular structures provide high insulation efficiency against heat, cold and noise.
  • The wood repels moth, vermin and insects.

plantation shutters - A Short Guide On Choosing The Right Plantation Shutters For You

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

  • Ideal for exterior use as they are moisture-resistant, easy to maintain and extremely durable.
  • Provide privacy, shade and natural airflow.

plantation shutters - A Short Guide On Choosing The Right Plantation Shutters For You


They are highly customisable, from the colours chosen – right down to the treatment of the material. Moreover, Plantation Shutters have gained increasing popularity through its ability to beautifully complement the interior or exterior of any home or office.

At the end of the day, it is your choice. Whatever your style is or a particular taste that your steering towards – we cater to all! If you’re having trouble with colour choices, then we also provide professional recommendations and better yet, no matter what you choose, the costs remain low and the installation process is very easy!

Choose iStyle Shutters:

We offer a staggering range of benefits that includes a FREE home consultation, a personal project officer, more than 10 years of industry experience and many more.

Opt for our range of plantation shutters, located here at Sydney in order to improve the overall look of your home or office’s interior; without breaking your back or blowing your budget.

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